Press clipping services

Press Clipping Services

Over time, most media houses and clipping companies have opted to embrace the press clipping service as a form of monitoring print and the internet. A media house that doesn’t offer this service can easily be seen as not meeting all the needs of people.

Press clippings are normally short pieces or writing cut out from a magazine, newspaper or news article. For companies to deliver this service, they normally acquire all the print articles from other agencies and compile so as to deliver to their clients.

Press clippings are normally in the form of documentaries, analysis documents or editorial opinions. In the past clippings were only limited to newspapers and magazines, but over time it has evolved. Nowadays, it entails monitoring the radio, television, social media sites, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, general research and any other useful piece.


Why you should consider using a press clipping service

There are various benefits that come with having a press clipping service:

For starters, you will be up to date with the current affairs and what is happening. Moreover, you will be ahead of everyone else in day to day trends.

Press clipping being a form of public relation,

  • You may easily get to know what’s happening in your field of interest,
  • What your competitors are saying
  • The kind of praise that your company is getting
  • The kind of things that you need to change
  • Trends that are outdated and you should probably stop using
  • What to do to stay at the top
  • You will also get reports in a fast way
  • Get to know what your clients are saying about your company
  • In a large way you will discover many “do’s and don’ts”

With the press clipping, you will always be in the know. It can be tedious to research on your own and still manage to run your business effectively. That’s why it is advisable to try out the press clipping service that will ensure your get all the relevant information that you need. This is definitely a time saver as you won’t have to buy a newspaper or visit certain sites to gauge your ranking.

Press clippings can be delivered in the form of fax, mail, or an email. Fax and email are probably the fastest modes among the three. It depends with what your company or you as an individual will be comfortable with. Moreover, after a certain period, the agency providing the service will send you a report of what they have been doing and in that way you will be comfortable with the service.

However, as a company you have to be careful with the agency that you choose. Read feedback from satisfied clients and dig in to the company to certify how long they have been delivering the service. In addition, get to know how they handle their service and what it entails. Some opt to only check in the internet while others opt for both print and the internet.


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