Online Insurance wholesaler

Online Insurance wholesaler

This is whereby a broker acts as an intermediary between the retailer and the insurer. In all this, the broker has no contact with the one supposed to be insured. The wholesalers tend to negotiate and place business brought to them.

The retailer normally acts as a third party, as the agent doesn’t associate with the insurance company at all. The wholesale brokers are normally experienced in a particular line of cover.

The main individuals in this are: The retail broker, wholesale broker, insurance company and the one to be insured.

Types of wholesalers

  • Managing general agent whole sale broker
  • Surplus lines agent whole sale broker

Agent-Wholesaler relationship

Why Retail agents need wholesale brokers

As a retail agent, it is important to have partnership with a wholesale broker. This will ease the negotiation process as they are the ones with direct access to the insurer. Wholesale agents are always in demand because of the great service, experience and research that they offer. They tend to find the right market for the clients (the ones to be insured).

What retailers gain from wholesalers?

They get to know the efficiency of a certain insurer via the wholesaler. This will be influenced by how well they know the insurer. Their credibility, weaknesses, strength, terms of insurance, reliability and all the important details.

Retailers also learn about the wholesalers by weighing their service capability. How many achievements have they made and failures.

Wholesalers help in filling the blanks or gaps left by a retailer to make sure everything is in place. Most of them are trustworthy and work towards making sure everything turns out as planned.

Wholesalers normally have excellent communication when approaching the insurers thus, always bring out the best result.

Why there is need for an online insurance wholesale professional

  • A sole Wholesale broker will focus solely on your needs and make sure you get the best.
  • Wholesalers will advise you on how to customize the policies, something agents might not be able to do.
  • Wholesalers normally have a broad understanding of many companies and how they operate.
  • They will make sure you get the best deal possible.
  • They know how to give proper details about various policies and lay them on the table for one to choose the most favorable.


Why there is need for an online insurance retailer agent

The retail agent normally represents multiple insurance carriers and are very knowledgeable.

They represent important agencies.

Features of Retailer and wholesaler policy

There are efficient and experienced claims and underwritings

Experienced local underwriters

There is ability to choose a specific cover for your risk.

In case all goes wrong, you can easily claim back

If you want an ideal insurance cover, make sure you get a wholesale or retail agent who will help you get the best insurance. Make sure you also do your own research to prevent being conned. Make sure the contracts you sign are also legit.

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