Measuring Public relations

Measuring Public Relations

For starters, public relations are effective for any company and enterprise. Public relation is how the company relates with the public and its customers. In the case that an error happens, a public relation practitioner comes in to resolve the conflict. This helps to maintain an excellent reputation of the business. Public Relations is very effective as it also promotes sales and helps in realizing the gaps within and knowing viable solutions.

In measuring the public relations the company/business gets to:

  • Make some adjustments and correction
  • Develop new strategies
  • Set better objectives and goals
  • Measure their output against their input
  • Compare their recent outcome from the current one
  • Measure their achievements
  • Get feedback from the third party

There are various Public relation measuring tools that can be used such as;

Surveys – In this the public get to be asked about how a certain product is making an impact in their lives, you can also get personal feedback on how certain staff members are addressing them. You will also get to know how your brand is getting along, whether it is popular or not. You will know what to change and what not to.

Measuring your website Traffic – If many new visitors are coming to your site often that means the brand is becoming popular. However, you also need to find out how long they remain on the site and what they mostly look for. After getting to know that, the public relation practitioner will know what should be added to help them be satisfied with the services they offer.

Mentions – This can be practical or on the online platforms. If you attend an exhibition or conference, while talking to new people find out if they have ever heard about the brand, see if they know. If you find out it is not popular create an awareness program to promote your brand. In online platforms this is mainly in social media platform; how often is your company getting mentions. Is it getting back links in website? These are things that will help enhance your brand and create a better relation.

Analysis of content – This goes hand in hand with mentions. How popular are you, basing on complements that the business gets, what people are saying and reports.

Google sources

Google analytic is essential as it shows the public relations value in any organization basing on the performance in the internet. This is determined by how well a company’s website is popular, if there is a blog how people engage with it and various referrals.

Google Tag manager is used to measure granular data from a website or landing page. It can easily track the number of social shares that come to your site directly. It provides the intended information.

Do you want to know whether your PR Campaigns are leading to success?

This will be determined by media impressions, brand mentions, social media shares, back links from other sites, the reach in social media, rankings according to keywords, website traffic, new visitors, sales statistics and lead generation.

It is necessary to measure PR in the business to assure you of progress and not downfall. Is it helping the business or is it resulting to loss?

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